Episode One

I am the Law.

It’s never been easy. But it’s what I have to do. Who I am.

My City needs me. She crawls with hoods and sharpers and I’m the only one who can pinch them for good.

But I’ve got no kick. Not every moment is hell. I’ve met someone. I think this is Love. 

I want to make her happy. Make her smile. She’s got a damn right smile and in it I see humanity. Redemption. Some kind of… I don’t know. Some kind of good.


There’s got to be some kind of good, hasn’t there?

My City, I used to be pretty dizzy over her. We used to have a thing. It wasn’t nothing. But I still wonder if I maybe never quite got past it.

She came to me at the dump tonight. Said I better watch myself with that dame. Said if I broke her heart she’d break mine, and a few other organs to boot.

Honestly every time I give this jane the dust I remember plenty of things I wish I could forget.


And some things I wouldn’t forget for all the scratch in the world.